Project Management


KSO utilizes MIE Trak software, which is full featured ERP software designed for the Manufacturing Industry. This software has many features: one being real-time job tracking which allows us to give our customers precise information on their orders in real-time. Click here to view Mietrak32.

Design for Manufacture (DFM) is defined as:
The Design for Manufacturability & Concurrent Engineering methodology is the most effective way to develop products for the best manufacturability, at half the cost, in half the time to stable production, with the highest quality by design,

At KSO MetalFab Inc., we recognize the urgency and work hard to provide DFM. By including us in the early design process, we can incorporate ideas for ease of manufacturing and often eliminate the need for additional changes during the production phase.

Early involvement also means better understanding of the product. It allows us to begin production in parallel with the design phase to further speed the product along. We can provide reverse engineering support to allow customers to expand their current sourcing options.



KSO MetalFab has invested in state-of-the-art equipment, enabling us to harmonize speed and accuracy while effectively providing advancements in metal fabrication and machining processing, quality control and job tracking, technology.